Top 10 Highest Salary Paying Jobs in India:

In India, there are many jobs available it can be private or govt. In this context, you will find about top10 highest salary paying Jobs in India. These jobs are highly professional and their workload is too much. 

Here are the details:

1. Doctors:

The medical profession is the top-ranked job in India. They are our actual helper. Their job is actually hectic as 24×7 they have to be available whether it is an emergency. They have shifting duties as well.

2. Engineer:

It is depending upon the branch and the college from where you are passing out. Engineering degree has the highest salary job depending upon their campasing. The Student passing out from well-known colleges like NIT, IIT, etc has the highest salary paid job for the Engineering students.

3. Aviation Career:

In Aviation Career every one of them paid with a good amount of salary, especially the pilots. They get good accommodation and facilities as well. The flight attender or Cabin Crews also has various facilities.

4. Lecturer:

The lecturer has a good amount of salary, but you have to be a qualified professor to be a professional lecturer. This job is very tough because you have to complete lots of degrees to be a lecturer.  University and college they always recommend the highest qualification holders.

5. Law Profession:

The law Profession is a well-known profession and it has the highest number of Salaries and this job is very professional. A lawyer has ample of duties to do. They are our helpers. This Job has various works, in the Law profession, there are judges, lawyers, and administrative.

6. Merchant Navy:

One of the highest reputation jobs is the job of the Merchant Navy. It is one of the toughest jobs. They protect our nations. In their job, they cant come home always. So, they get the highest amount of Salary. And it is the dream job of some people.

7. Scientist:

There are many students, who switch to research studies after their Graduation. The research college has this facility for the student to be a future scientist. Scientists have a very important job to do.

8. Management Professional:

After completing your degree from a well-reputed management college it is easy to get a job with good campasing. The management Profession is a well-known profession in Our Country.

9. Fashion Professional:

The fashion industry has many options, from a designer to anchor, models, Actor actress, and many more. They have a good amount of salary based on their movies or cloths and many more. One of the popular industries is the Fashion industry.

10. Architects:

Good architecture has good market value. They are professional workers. They have good ideas and concept that makes their work worthy. Their job is not easy. Making the design of a building is not easy work.


These are the highest-paid salary job in India. There are many more professions available.

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