The higher education system in India:

Some Indian educational institutions provides the best quality or highest quality of studies. University Grand Commission is a statutory body that provides approval of colleges, universities, etc. This act is only valid or universities and some colleges which are autonomous itself. This UGC act has three types category 1, category 2, and category 3.

A university should be in the list of category 1 for some of the rules:

A university should be approved by NAAC and it should have a score above 3.51.

University should be on the list of top 500 universities or colleges.

A university should have a corresponding grade.

To be under category list 2, a university should follow:

It should be approved by NAAC and have to score 3.26 or something near to it.

It should score the corresponding grade or have to score from a reputed agency.

The education system of India is the third-largest educational structure in the world. The first largest education system is in the USA and the second-largest system in China. University Grand Commission is the final level of approval where the Government advertises, acts as a point between state and center.

2011 census report says that approximately 8.15 % of people of Indian are graduates. Some of the Union Territories like Delhi, Chandigarh, etc the people of 24.65 % and 22. 56 % are graduated. Our country India almost 1000 universities with 50 central, 402 of state universities like that. Some colleges may be autonomous or some may be non-autonomous.

Autonomous colleges may have their own examination conducted system and non-autonomous colleges don’t have that power to conduct their own examination system. The autonomous system of education of a university is basically approved for science and technology. The Indian education system also provides distance learning and open school or open university for students. Open University like IGNOU has the student-base in the country 3.5 million approximately.

Our country India has so many institutions like IIT, NIT, IISc, BITS, IIM, Delhi University, Calcutta University, Madras University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, etc. But our Indian Universities are lagging behind Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge University. The Indian education system needs more transparency.  Today in India thee are so many IT sectors that are there where the students get a chance to explore their knowledge and experiments.

Conclusion: education system in India is developing day by day. There are so many institutions colleges and universities that are there to provide a proper education system. In many cases, our education system is rigid for all of us. To become more comfortable with this education system you need more transparency in your education system and want to be more relaxed with them.

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