MBA is the most important degree after completing a Bachelor’s in BBA. The first and the most important for a student is choosing the best college, including better placement after graduation because will help their career.MBA converts a student into a leader, so for that students must complete their MBA from a well-known college. There are many colleges available, but Here I will discuss Top 12 MBA college amongst India.

These are:

1. IIM, Ahmedabad:

 IIM Ahmedabad is a top-ranked and best college in India for Completing MBA,  which is value for money as well. There is a well-maintained management committee which helps to get better placement. All the top companies visited there. Every year they have 100% Placement and the same in case of the summer internship.

2. IIM, Banglore:

IIM Banglore has ranked the Topmost College for MBA in the Country. All the students get placed in a very short time. Including Top ranked company International companies also visit in this college. From the 2nd year of MBA Student starts learning much variety which is the betterment for their Job.

3. IIM, Calcutta:

IIM Calcutta has a brand that helps the student to get placement easily. However, in this college students, comes from different background. And all the students also have to have a good score as well for getting a better job but here most of the students get their desired role and industry.

4. IIM, Lucknow:

The infrastructure of this college is very good and the students get good placement too. Many top companies of marketing and finance visit there. For MBA the faculties are very good here. Most of the students get good placement from this college.

5. DMS IIT, Delhi:

This college has a record of keeping 100% placement every year. It has the best ROI and B-school to study and learn for an MBA. Also provides enhancing career support for the students. The summer internships are very good students get their choice of placement easily.

6. IIT, Kharagpur:

As it is govt Funded so getting admission to this college is a little tough. This college provides pretty good placements. The  MBA students are not much there so getting placement is quite easy, 90% of the students get placed last year. This is a good college overall.

7. IIM, Indore:

IIM, Indore is a well-known college in India and An extra-ordinary college for getting a better placement. All the students you will find having a good quality which is required for a good job. The top-ranked company including Foreign companies too visit here. The last international package was offered at 89.25LPA.

8. IIM, Kozhikode:

In the last 3 years, this college had 100% placement including Finance, Marketing especially for MBA students. The percentage of recruitment increase every year. The management committee of this college is good enough to help the students for better placement.

9. MDI, Gurgaon:

This college provides 100% placement during summer or final year internship. All the facility provided in this college is the highest quality. They provide top offered included finance, marketing, consulting, finance, and operations. During Summer placement they provide media stipend to the students.

10. DoMS, IIT, Madras:

This is a safe option for MBA students compared to other colleges. With the small-batch, the placement is very good in this college and every student gets proper attention. Faculties are well known and some of them are a researcher in the world.and they will not let any of the students without a placement.

11. IIM, Trichy:

IIM, Trichy is known for finance college, the students who Have completed their degree in finance it is the best option for completing an MBA in finance. This college has good faculty included good placement. 80% of the students get placement accordingly.

12. XLRI Xavier School of Management:

It is known as the best placement college in India as they complete the placement within 2-3 days. It is Among the top 10 B schools in India. The famous well-known companies visit this college which is very much helpful for the Management students.


The above-mentioned College is the best and well-known college for pursuing an MBA which is good for the student’s job and placement. Those who don’t know where to study by reading this context can get an idea and choose accordingly which will be better for a career.

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