As a parent, our duty is to fulfill our child’s dreams. So we must start investing today to give our child a secure career. Max life Shiksha plus super is an amazing investment plan for the education of a child. In this article, I will discuss this plan

Max Shiksha plus super

Why Max Life Shiksha plus super plan is best???

1. There are multiple options for funds available for investing in equity markets.

2. In case of emergency, your child will get financial security with this education plan

3. For meeting the cost of future expenses and higher education costs of your child, this plan will provide funds

What will you get with Max’s life Shiksha plus super plan???

1.Options of policy term:

You can choose a policy term of 10 years. Or you can choose any term between 15 and 25 years

2. Wide coverage:

This plan not only covers child education but also provides protection to your family. The benefits of continuation are available in your absence.

3. Multiple fund options:

 Options of 6 funds are available. With these options, investment in money markets, government securities, cash instruments, corporate bonds, securities (equity and equity-related) can be done.

4. Benefits of Tax:

 According to the prevailing laws of tax, for your premiums, you will get deductions on tax

5. Security of investment with strategies:

Investment Strategies are available in Max Life which you can use in making most of the funds (  debt and equity)

6. Guaranteed additions of loyalty:

When the 11th year of your policy will end, you will start getting additional units to your funds, every year.

Eligibility of Max Shiksha plus super plan

Age at entry Minimum age of insured- 21 years, Maximum age of insured- 50 years Minimum age of the child- 0 years, Maximum age of the child- 18 years
Age at maturity The maximum age of the insured is  60 years for 5 pay The maximum age of the insured is 65 years for regular pay

Options of premium payment:

For 5pay Term of premium payment is 10 years, and for regular pay term of premium payment is between 15 to 25 years

Mode of premium payment can be monthly, annually, quarterly or semi-annually

For 5 pay Annualised premium (minimum) is Rs 50 thousand, and for regular pay Annualised premium (minimum) is Rs 25 thousand (annual mode) and Rs 48 thousand (non- annual mode). There is no limit for annualized premium (maximum)

The sum assured is 10 X Annualised premium. For 5 pay, the sum assured (minimum) is Rs 5 lakhs and for regular pay, the sum assured (minimum) is Rs 2 lakhs 50 thousand (annual mode) and Rs 4 lakh 8 thousand (non- annual mode).

Conclusion: Max life Shiksha plus super is an excellent education plan with a lot of benefits. Fulfill the dream of your child with this education plan

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