If you are a first-year student, then you can do some online courses that can build your career. Apart from your college study, you can learn these courses sitting at home using the internet. These courses will ensure you to gain additional skills and knowledge. And thus you can get a job with a high package in the future. In this article, I have mentioned such top online courses. Have a look at these courses below Top online courses for first-year students

C and C++ Programming:

Learning a programming language is very essential for first-year students.  C is the basic of programming language. C and C++ have a huge demand in the software industries. If you learn these languages, you can get a good job in Software Company. There are many online courses on C and C++ programming. Just search for ‘C programming online’ on Google, and you will get so many options.


It is another programming language that you must need to learn. To make a career as a programmer, Java is an important language to learn. Learning Java can give you a high paying job. About 9 billion developers use this language and 7 billion devices run on it across the world. This language is very easy to learn and is widely used across the world. So search for Java online course on Google and learn it

Web Development:

Web Development is another great course for students. It has a huge demand in today’s world. Web development is basically the development of a website for hosting via the internet. By this course, you can learn the creation of social network applications; Web-based applications, electronic business applications and more. Many online web development courses are available on the internet. Just search for it and learn it.

Android App Development:

This helps in creating news apps for devices having an android operating system. By learning android app development, you can get a well-paying job. Or can earn money by developing apps for others. Android app developers have a huge demand throughout the market. If you learn Java, android app development course will be easier for you.

Ethical Hacking:

Ethical Hacking has a large demand across the world. There is a huge requirement of ethical hackers in government agencies and business organizations for IT security. Cybercrime is increasing day by day. So an organization cannot protect its system, by just locking their doors. Thus there is a constant need for ethical hackers. If you learn ethical hacking, you will surely have a bright career.

Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing has huge growth in the marketing industry nowadays. This course will teach you many things search engine optimization, email marketing, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, web development and many more. By learning this course, you can get a good job in any digital marketing company. Or can earn money by doing SEO or developing websites for others. By learning this, you can earn money from home.Top online courses for first-year students

Conclusion: Search for these courses on Google and starting learning from today. I hope this article will help you in choosing the best courses

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