College life is one of the most amazing periods of life. This is the time that everyone misses in his entire life. College life is a mixture of happiness, fun, excitement, success, and failures. There are so many exciting things about college campuses. In this article, I am going to mention such best 10 things

Making friends:

When we go to college, we come across a lot of new people. We meet them, share our thoughts, and make friends. Then we enjoy our whole college life with these friends. Friends play an important role in making our college life beautiful


A student basically stays under the supervision of parents, teachers, and elders up to school life. When he goes to college, he gets freedom and he does whatever he likes. So college life is the period of freedom and independence.

College fests:

College fests are held once in a year. These fests include DJ nights, cultural nights, fashion show and many more. These fests are a great chance for students to enjoy.

Mass Bunk:

Mass bunk is a common thing in college life. In mass bunking, some students just make a plan of skipping the classes and then try to manipulate everyone in the class to skip the class. But nowadays, most of the colleges are strict about attendance. So mass bunking is not a good option

Hostel Life:

Staying in a hostel is one of the best feelings in life. Hostellers can enjoy their life to the fullest. At first, it seems difficult to stay away from home. But slowly, hostel life becomes amazing. After passing out from college, students miss badly their hostel life

Late-night gossips:

In college life, students mostly spend their nights sleeplessly. Late-night gossips are a common thing in college life. Once you and your friends start gossiping, you will never know how your night passes in gossiping

Birthday celebration:

Celebrations of birthdays are the most common things in college. If a student has an upcoming birthday, his friends will bring a birthday cake and celebrates his birthday.

Group Study:

Group study is another common thing on college campuses. Studying late nights with friends is full of fun. You will enjoy studying. In a group study, if one of the students in a group understood a topic. Then he will make everybody in the group understand that topic.

Sharing clothes:

In the hostel, students share clothes with friends. If you are not in the mood of wearing the same clothes, no need to worry. You can simply borrow it from your friend and return him later. In the same manner, sharing other things is also common

Reasonless Parties:

In college life, there are no reasons for parties. Students do parties whenever they want. These parties are full of fun, involving snacks and hard drinks. And next morning it will be difficult for you to wake up and go to class

Scarcity of money:

Management of money is a difficult task in college life. Students spend up all your pocket money on parties and other activities. Then they give creative excuses to their parents to get money. Or borrow money from friends and return it later

Conclusion: I have listed the best things about college life. There are many more things about college campuses. I hope you will enjoy your college life to the fullest

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