College life is the best time for building your career. On the other hand, college life is for fun, enjoying college fests, late-night gossips, group studies, and many more things. There are many things that a college student needs and does not need. In this article, I have mentioned such 8 things that college students do not need. Check out these things as you can save a lot of money by not buying these things.


If you are a college student, you do not require buying a car. You can go to colleges by local autos and taxis or college buses if you are living off-campus. Or you can buy a motorcycle for going to the college campus. And if you are a hosteller, then you will not need buying any vehicles. You can go out off-campus with excellent public transportation. If you do not buy a car, you can save a lot of money on parking, car insurance, fuel and repair


The TV is another thing that you do not need to buy during college life. Most of the college hostels have a common room with a television. If you desire to watch sports or any popular show, you can go to that room and fulfill your desire. Moreover, nowadays, there are apps like Hotstar, Netflix, amazon prime and more. You can watch sports, movies, TV shows and more with these apps on your mobile by paying a small subscription bill. Thus you can save the money of cable charge


Hostel rooms are generally small and have less space. In a hostel room, there is a bed, desk and sometimes even a cupboard. So there is no need to buy furniture that will occupy the space. And if you are staying out off-campus, then you can take a furnished room on rent. This will make your life easier as you do not need to pack the furniture when you go home


Do not buy speakers as its sound may disturb others in hostel Earphones or headphones is a good option for listening to songs in the hostel. It will not disturb your roommates and others. So do not waste your money in buying powerful speakers


Printers take up a lot of space. If you need to print anything, there are available printers on the campus. So do not waste money on buying printers.

Laundry Services:

Laundry services are time-consuming. They even can make clothes lost, shrunk or discolored. Do not waste your money on washing your clothes in the laundry. Choose a day in a week for washing clothes. Wash all your dirty clothes that day. Washing clothes yourself will save both time and money


If you are staying in a hostel, do not take a toolbox with you. Making holes on the walls for hanging a painting or other things may charge you.

Things that are not allowed:

Some college hostels do not allow electric appliances like a kettle, electric oven, iron, and other such electrical appliances. So make sure if your college allows these things or not. If not, then do not use such things because if you are caught using these, they may charge you

Things that college students must need:

1. Bedsheets

2. Pillows

3. Towels

4. First aid kit

5. Extension cord

6. Storage bags

7. Toiletries

8. Laptop, books and other personal items

Conclusion: So these are the things that a college student needs and do not need. I hope you will keep these things in mind whenever you will get admitted to a college. Today we learned 8 Things College students do not need.

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