A student has to study hard to fulfill his/her dreams. But sometimes, these studies, exams, assignments give you stress. Due to this stress, you may feel frustrated or depressed. To get rid of this, you just need to organize your time. I have mentioned some best effective tips that will help you to prevent study stress

Follow a study time table:

Make a timetable for your studies. Plan it wisely and stick to it. Regular study with a proper time table helps to balance the studies. This helps in reducing the study pressure and free from stress

Take short breaks:

If you study continuously for long hours, it may give you stress. So try to take short breaks between studies. You can go out for a walk or can listen to music. Or you can do whatever you like. This will make your mood fresh and will make you stress-free

Do exercise regularly:

Exercising regularly helps in keeping the mind stress free. It also helps to maintain proper health of the body. So perform some exercises daily to stay healthy stress-free


Yoga is one of the most effective ways of reducing stress.  You can do some side stretch, uttanasana, sukhasana, sasangasana, halasana, vajrasana, and other such stress-relieving yoga. You can also perform some meditation which will reduce stress and increase your concentration.

Go with your hobby:

A student must follow his/her hobby for reducing stress. If you love painting, singing, playing indoor or outdoor games, or something else, then you should do it. Make time for your hobbies and follow them. This will make you stress-free and happier.

Eat tasty and healthy:

Eating delicious food makes us happy and keeps us stress-free. Always keep some healthy snacks like dark chocolate, nuts on your study table. Whenever you take breaks, you can eat some snacks and refresh your mind. You can eat your favorite food on lunch or dinner. But Try to avoid junk foods.

Get enough sleep:

Sleep is an important factor in reducing stress levels. So try to sleep at least 7-8 hours at night. Getting enough sleep helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reduces stress

Talk to your family or friends:

Talk to your family about your day. You can call them if you are staying away from home. And stay connected with your friends. If you are feeling depressed, then do not suffer alone. Share your problems with your friends or family.

Watch motivational videos:

At some point in life, we really feel frustrated. And do not know how to get rid of it. There are various motivational channels on YouTube. These videos will teach you how to deal with the problems of life.

Spend time with pets:

how to prevent study stress

If you have pets at your home, then spend some time with your pets. Playing with pets keeps us stress-free.

Conclusion: These are some of the effective tips to prevent study stress. If you want to keep yourself stress-free, then follow these above tips from today.

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