Nowadays people use emails, texts, and other social media platforms as a source of communication. But letter writing is also an essential source of communication in workplace as well as personal life. So we all must know the art of letter writing. There are different types of letters. So before knowing how to write a letter, it is important to know the types of letter

Generally, two types of letters are there, formal and informal letters. Apart from these, there are also other types of letters that are based on content, purpose, etc.

Formal Letters

These types of letters are generally formal in nature. Certain formality and pattern is present in these letters. These letters only mention the concerned issues. Formal letters include business letters of any type and letters to authorities

Informal Letters

These letters do not follow any pattern or formality. These are the type of personal letters. Personal information or conversations are present in these letters. Generally, we write informal letters to our friends, family, and relatives

Business Letters

These are generally formal types of letters. So there is certain formality or pattern in these letters. Business letters are generally written among the correspondents of business. These generally include commercial information like orders, claims, quotations, collections, etc.

Employment Letters

Letters that are involved in the employment process are known as employment letters. When a person applies for a job, he gives an application letter. When a person gets a job, he gets a joining letter. When he gets a promotion, he receives a promotion letter. All these types of letters are business letters.

Social Letters

These are generally personal letters. These letters are written during an occasion or special event. Like during a wedding or birthday in our home, we give invitation letters to others. On anyone’s success, we give him congratulatory letters, on anyone’s death we give condolence letters to his family. These types of letters are social letters

Circular letters

The purpose of these letters is announcing the information to a large group of people. A large number of people receive the same letter having important information. This information includes a change in management, the retirement of a member, a change of address, etc.

Official letters

These types of letters are strictly formal letters. Official letters generally include official information such as procedures, events, rules, regulations and other such types of information. These letters are for informing offices, branches, and sub-ordinates about the information

Conclusion: I hope now you have understood the different types of letters. And you will not face any while writing letters. If you still face any problem, then comment below. We will be grateful to help you

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