We must have to follow a format for writing a letter. Especially in formal letters, there are some rules and conventions which we must follow. There are many such formats for writing a letter. In this article, I will mention the best and most commonly used format

Address of sender

Write the address of the sender at the top right-hand corner of the letter. If you are the sender, write your complete and accurate address. It will help the recipient in further communication.


Write the date just below the address of the sender that means on the right side of the page. Mention the date on which you write the letter. The date is very essential in case of formal letters.

Address of receiver

The receiver’s address means the address of the person whom you will send the letter. Leave some space ad write the receiver’s address on the left side of the letter. In the first line of the address mention the official title/ designation/ name etc. You can also add to above the receiver’s address if you want.


In this part, you will greet the person whom you are sending the letter. The greeting should be respectful if you are writing a formal letter.  Generally, people use Sir or Mam in case of formal letters. You can also use Mr or Ms before the name of the receiver if you know the name. But do not mention only their first name. Either mention the full name or only the last name.


Write the word subject in the center of the line and give a colon. Here you will mention the purpose of the letter in a line. With this, the receiver will easily understand the purpose of the letter at a glance

Body of the letter

It is the main part of the letter. Always divide the body into 2 or 3 paragraphs. Clearly mention the introduction and the reason for writing the letter to that person in the first paragraph.

 In the second paragraph, you can add more details and specific information about the purpose of the letter

In the last paragraph, you can thank the receiver. You can also request a written response. Or can ask politely for an opportunity to meet for further discussions

Avoid writing flowery language and write the content in a formal language. The body should be clear, logical and to the point


Write ‘yours faithfully’ or ‘Yours Sincerely’ at the right or left corner of the page.


Lastly, put your signature. Below the signature, write your name in block letters. This will help the receiver to know who has sent the letter

Conclusion: This is the format for writing a letter. Follow these steps while you are writing a letter. I have also attached a written letter which will help you

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