Today’s modern world everybody is following the internet world for all-purpose. From teaching to learning, singing to dancing, cooking, makeup, basic treatment for all these purposes we are searching for the internet world. Now a day’s kids are also too smart compared to 20th century. They can also operate the smartphone quickly for watching videos and games. Our Engineers are so smart so that they have been made various types of learning app for kids also, which makes the learning process easy and quick. As we know that kids are full of naughty and creativity (Active mind), their mind can catch many things so quickly. Our internet world has brought new methods for kids to learn easily with some funny videos and techniques. educational app

What is the importance of educational apps?

Educational Applications are important because it helps the kids to make an interest in their studies. As we know that they can also operate the smartphone or android phone so that they can easily go to that application and play the app, in that way they can learn by themselves too.

How does educational application help to students?

Educational applications help the student by providing different methods of learning. It can also communicate with the parents to know the growth of their kids. It provides study material and so many functions. Analyze the communication gap of students with that institution.

Today we will mention some applications of learning for kids:

1. BYJU’S for Kids: We all are introduced to this learning application. This application gives the conceptual knowledge to each and every student from the basics. They give an exam session to the students, if they have any doubts they clear each and every point from the depth. They explain a module with subject wise and give an elaborate description of it. BYJU’S application is more beneficial for a student (every standard) they can also counsel the students and teach them carefully so that they can be a topper in their every subject.  educational app

2. Google Classroom: It serves a free of teaching method to school, it is an easy process of connecting students inside or outside the school.

Benefits of using this Google Classroom:

It is an easy process to set up. Teacher can also add their students directly and shares a code to the students to join their classes.

The workflow of this application is so fast and they make a session for review, mark assignment, etc.

Google Classroom allows students to see their marks and discuss all the topics quickly.

3. Khan Academy Kids: Khan Academy Kids make the learning process joyful. This app includes so many books, activities, songs, games, etc. Kids can learn reading, writing, develops them with social activities, how to solve problem. They have also included in their course curriculum drawing, coloring encourages, storytelling, etc.

4. PBS Kids Video: It is a child-friendly application.  When you start playing this application this will present the teaching method by playing some cartoons. It provides a session full of one hour which is sufficient for kids.

They follow some process: Wild Kratts,   every Friday they show the full episode.

5. YouTube Kids: If we search youtube YouTube provides this application for kids who were more creative and full of funny activity. It is much easier for parents and they give care to the children by providing some new and exciting methods for the kids. This application also provides a review box, feedback session to the parents. You can customize the application as per your choice which can be beneficial for your kids.

6. Faces make:  Faces image is a brain activity application for kids.  It encourages students by using different materials. Through this process, they can be familiar with ingredients like fruit, vegetable, musical instruments,   etc. Overall features of this application are very user-friendly and it will help how to build different things this way they can be creative and they will be able to express their talent in their classes or in any other extracurricular activities. 

Conclusion:  we have mentioned above various types of learning application for kids. These will be helpful for parents as well as kids. It’s better to teach them about different activities. Constant reading and we most of the time try to learn them to follow a strict rule, but it is not good. They are kids not a student of age 10/12 or any upper class. If we try to teach them by playing or by rhyme or some applications which are available on the internet this will be helpful for our kids. educational app

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